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environmentally and financially sustainable


This is an on-going case-study of how we are going to 'green' a beautiful stone Georgian home dating back to circa 1740. Our aim is to make the property as sustainable as possible in every possible sense. 

The intention is to make this large family home less dependent on fossil fuels and other unsustainable energy sources. Due to energy price rises in recent years the energy costs for this house have been  in excess of £12,000 per year (June 2012). With anticipated future price rises this home simply won't be economically or environmentally sustainable.

Here in the UK we have a rich heritage of ancient buildings that we have a duty to protect for future generations. Unless we can make this type of building economically viable they will simply be devalued and in some instances fall into disrepair.

Whilst carrying out the 'greening' work we will restore some of the period features to ensure the house continues to be an asset in the Conservation Area of this Lincolnshire village.


We would like to welcome your views and questions and we will share photos, our reasoning for what we do, facts and figures on savings & costs and we will share information on what local services we use and where we source our materials.

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Site Layout:

The site is split to share:

-An understanding of the initial condition of the building.

-What particular challenges are faced when trying to 'green' a period property.

-How decisions are made to address different efficiency and structural problems.

-What are the costs and the benefits of each strategy or technology.

-The lifetime financial and CO2 savings.